Friday, October 23, 2009

of course

scratch what I said about the weather being awesome..because now it blows balls.
i am freezing.
its times like these that i wish i was lame and had a snuggie..but i dont. so im using my dog to keep me warm..
winter is rapidly approaching..and its only october..fml.

today i worked all was relatively slow..that time of the year i suppose..
but i got to see some of my lovely clients that havent been in for awhile. so yay.

we got hungry hobo for dinner and i got a taco tato..super delicious. havent had one of those in a long time.yum.
then we layed around and cleaned and rocked out to old school blink and boxcar racer.

this post is pretty damn random but arent all of mine?

southpark is probably one of the greatest shows of all time.
it completes me.

until next time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


the weather the past couple of days has been suprisingly lovely.
i'm definately diggin it...
i had today off work so i went and ate with my sister and then went and spent a little money at the mall..which blows. we need some better stores around here.
tom made me and amy dinner and it was delicious. grilled chicken salads.
hes so cute.

i need to go to bed because i work at 8 tomorrow morning..but as usual, i find myself wide awake.
tom fell asleep while we were watching children of the corn..and i can hear the annoyingly creepy music playing upstairs.
the best part about fall is all the horror movies that play on tv
and all the horror movies that pop up in stores on super duper sale..i got 5 from best buy for like 6 bucks each..super tight.

halloween is coming up and im super stoked..i just havent really decided what i want to be yet..
tom and i are deciding on either:
magenta and frank-n-furter from the rocky horror picture show
dog the bounty hunter and his wife beth..hah
jason and grant from ghost hunters
and then i was also thinking of being alice in wonderland..
too many decisions..and being a very undecisive person, this creates a problem for me.
i cant even decide what to eat for lunch.
i digress..

hopefully this weekend we get to carve some pumpkins
and we are possibly getting some new ink on saturday night..
i just have to decide which tattoo i want to get..ive got way too many ideas thrashing around in my head.
well kids, im off to get some zzz's

p.s. im so hooked on dawsons creek. its not even funny. i have a problem. im obsessed.
i would definately recommend catchin it sometime..yes its that good

until next time.

Monday, September 28, 2009


i got a cold from sleeping with the windows open while having two fans blowing. so now im drinking coffee & cuddling with my pup. no big plans for the day..todays my day off work. so i will more than likely clean or finish putting up the halloween decorations..tom & i still haven't decided if we are going to have a party on halloween or not. hm.

p.s. if you have never listened to any terry reid songs you should probably go download some now.
he is one of my favs.

for example: to be treated, seed of memory
super old but super good.

until next time.