Friday, April 27, 2012

Mixing Patterns

Remember when I said I loved polka dots?
And, remember when I said I loved mint green?

007 (1)eee

I decided to pair this dress with my fun, stripey blazer. Does it match? Nah. Is it fun? Absolutely. Sometimes introducing some funky mismatching makes me feel rebellious and saucy.

011 (1)eee

013 (1)eee

Outfit Details
Polka Dot Dress- Forever 21
Striped Blazer- TJ Maxx
Belt- Target
Flats- Steve Madden

The weather around here has been so exhausting lately. I never know what the day will be like. It can go from being in the 60's, drop down to the 40's, then shoot up to the 70's all in an afternoon. Needless to say, I have been doing tons of layering. It's weird because we had such a calm winter and then March had 70+ degree days. Now my body thinks it's time for fall because I have had huge cravings for all things pumpkin (mostly lattes) and a huge urge to go haunted housing and pumpkin picking. I need to get with the program. A hot, sticky summer is upon us and thinking of sweaty bangs and swimsuits makes me feel really annoyed. Oh boy. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Worst Blogger?

It has been over a week since my last post. What the H happened?
I used to blog every day with ease and now I find it hard to blog every other day?!
I hate that I have totally slacked off in this department and I am truly sorry that I've been such a flake!
I guess I have been lacking inspiration and creativity the past couple of weeks and it has made it difficult to post when I was struggling with that. I sat down and really thought long and hard about my little blog and I was remembering back to when I first started Kate Did It, how much I loved posting every little thing that popped into my head. It left me feeling very sad that I let that joy slip away. I love this blog and I am going to continue to do so! I think everyone who blogs goes through a few rough patches. A few bad weeks. I had mine and I am so glad it's over.
I'm back ladies and gentlemen.
Thanks for being the awesome followers you are and sticking with me through this. I love each and every one of you and I love seeing comments from you! It seriously warms my heart to see you take time out of your day to pop over and say hello. Prepare to see me lurking on all of your blogs in the next couple of days because I have greatly missed seeing what everyone is up to!

I'll be back with an outfit tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snapshots of Life Lately!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a magnificent weekend! Mine was spent catching up and now I am back and feeling soo good about everything.

 Just thought I would share some photos from the last week or so!

Oh my gosh, I went and saw Titanic in 3D and it was amazing! That will always be one of my all time favorite movies and seeing it again on the big screen was so stinking great. Leo is sooooo cute in that movie. Major swooning. 

How cute is this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag? I am still debating on whether or not I should go back and get it!

AND I changed my hair up a bit! I decided to go a bit more closer to my natural color on top and kept the copper through the ends with some highlights pulled through. I love it and even though I miss my copper, I think this will be better in the long run. It's nice to be able to take a shower with warm (ish) water now. When it was copper the color faded so badly unless I used cold water on it. So hooray for warm showers!

Hope your Tuesday is great!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Being Busy

Another huge blogging vacation. I promise I don't keep doing this on purpose. I have had so much going on. It's been a little nutty around here.
Tom has been sick. I was sick again. Wedding planning is super stressful. Work has been super busy. Running keeps me busy when I get off. Then I eat and go to sleep and then wake up and do the same thing. Exciting, huh? Haha. No it's fine, just a lot to do sometimes. Then on top of that, one of my very best friends just found out she has fluid and a mass on her brain. It's not cancerous but she has to get some more tests done to see what the next step is. So scary to think about one of my favorite people going through such an ordeal, especially when her wedding is in 6 months. Keep her in your thoughts!

OH, I got to see Bush! They came to town with a few other bands (that I don't like) so Tom and I bought tickets, went and saw Bush, and then left. It was actually an awesome time and I love when the two of us can go and do fun stuff like that. Bush was amazing. Gavin Rossdale was amazing. I got to touch his shoulder and hair when he walked through my section. Swoon.

I will definitely be back this next week with my regular posting. Just need this weekend to get caught up on everything. Thanks for being loyal and amazing- you guys keep me smiling!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Top Ten

Hi there! Another super fun Top Ten! Today is all about floral print since Spring is here and Easter is approaching!

1. Reverse Heart-Back Cutout Dress from Urban Outfitters

2. Insight Dream Lover Short from Urban Outfitters

3. La Vie en Rosebuds Dress from Modcloth

4. Haute Hydrangeas Dress from Modcloth

5. Peach for the Sky dress from Modcloth

6.  Housewares Hunting Top from Modcloth

7.  Romper Through the Roses from Modcloth

8.  Bathing Beauty One Piece in Needlepoint from Modcloth

9. Litho So Sweet skirt from Modcloth

10. Tra La La Busier from Modcloth

I always favor Modcloth on my Thursday Top Ten posts. They really have such great stuff! Perfect mix of vintage and girly! I just wish they had an actual store so I could try everything on. Sometimes that is hard to guesstimate. Oh well!

Night, folks!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Work Clothes

I thought today I would share a "normal workday outfit". Now, I love wearing my cute little dresses and skirts to work and usually that is what you can find me wearing. But sometimes I feel like just wearing some black pants and a cute top. Especially if I am going to be doing a ton of colors or highlights because I don't want to ruin any of my dresses by splashing color on them. I am pretty lucky with my profession because I can pretty much wear whatever I feel like. So anyway, here is an example of a regular work outfit.
ps- check out the cute flowers in my front yard!

outfit details
Polka Dot Blouse- Forever 21
Black Cigarette Jeans- Urban Outfitters
Purple Heels- Target

Easy. Comfortable. Some days that is what it's all about. 
Have a great day guys!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Sorry for the unintended absence here as of late. I had a ginormous, awful, cold from hell and I was on my death bed. SO much fun. Not really. But I am feeling much, much better and I am back and blogging.

Not much else to report, folks! Work, work work. And I signed up for classes. Eee!

Tom and I are still chugging along with the wedding planning. We're still trying to decide where we should have the wedding/reception, but there really aren't very many good venues in our area. I am going for something vintage-old fashioned, and unfortunately the places in the area that are old are also super small and will only hold around 100 people.
Buuuut I think that I found the dress I want to wear for the wedding! I tried on my mother's wedding dress, which also happened to be my grandmother's wedding dress, which was hand made for her at a boutique in London 53 years ago. It fit me very well and if my grandmother can fix it up a little bit, I'll be wearing that for our ceremony. How cool! Then I plan on getting a fun little dress for the reception. That's all in that department!

Oh, I went and saw The Hunger Games opening night with a few of my girl friends. I loved it! I thought that it was nicely done and followed the book pretty closely. I loved Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, dude how pretty is she?! And Josh Hutcherson is such a good pick for Peeta! I love Peeta!
My only complaints: I hated the shaky camera. At some points I had to look away for fear that I might go cross eyed. And I wish they could have developed the character's relationships a little bit more, but I know that with time restraints and everything that is what is usually cut. But I really did enjoy it and I can't wait for the next two movies!

Some pictures from my phone!

Okay, I'm off to enjoy lunch and a pedicure with my cute little Mama. Have a lovely day!