Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HI! I miss you all so much!

I never intended to lapse on this blog.
 It has always been something I have felt very passionate about and has always made me extremely happy. I guess I just let other things take over my time and then I felt silly for feeling guilty about it and I just let it go. There has been so much going on with wedding planning, school, making time for Tom, and then work, laundry, cleaning. 

 I really would love to start posting again. It might not be as frequent as it used to be, but I really really want to! I miss all of you and I miss this connection of people, ideas, and inspiration. Thanks to all the loyal followers who are STILL following this blog even though I haven't posted since May 3rd. You guys rule.

I've still been keeping up on Instagram so you can always come see me there! My username is Cherrydarling33.

xo katie