Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Windy Days = Photo Problems

Oh my. Today was the windiest day EVER.
 I had to go out and take my pictures on my own, which lead to some issues.
 My tripod kept blowing over. My dress kept blowing up. My hair, which was cute and curled when I left the house, was blowing all over the dang place. Plus, it was so bright! So unsuccessful.
I wasn't going to post these pictures because they are awful, but then decided to, just because they are hilarious.  I was getting so annoyed.

outfit details
Cardigan- Target
Polka Dot Dress- Forever 21
Mustard Tights- Modcloth
Heels- Madewell
Glasses- The Crosby by Warby Parker

Oh man. Next time I am making sure I go when Tom is off work. Or if I am going to venture out alone, no wind please! Do you guys ever have issues when taking your photos? I run into the occasional problem, but it is usually because randoms keep walking by making me feel awkward.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tunes on Tuesday!

The Smiths are amazing. I love all of their music and this time of the year makes me want to drive around listening to them, with the windows down. Great music to listen to when on  a road trip! 
Asleep is one of my all time favorite songs. So good.

I'll be back tomorrow with an outfit post!


Friday, March 23, 2012


I saw this on Sometimes Sweet and thought it looked like fun! Enjoy!

Loving: So many different, random things. This weather has got me loving life. I am loving Netflix at the moment. There are a ton of great TV shows on that I love - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mad Men, Twin Peaks, Scrubs. Yes, all of these are currently being watched. I am also loving this work out routine I have going. I downloaded Couch to 5k on my Iphone and I have been quite impressed with how effective it has been. Tom even completed a workout with me and he loved it- so rare! I'm loving the fact that we have started to cook more and more meals here at home instead of just ordering out. I'm loving how friendly this weather makes everyone around me. And finally, I am loving the fact that I can wear sandals! My toes feel so free!

Thinking about: Wedding stuff. So cliche, huh. It's about time that we figure our plans out since our hopeful date is June 1st of 2013, our anniversary. Summer weddings are big in our area so we need to book everything about a year in advance. Tom and I went on our first wedding outing today, to scout out a local winery. They offer a great area for weddings/receptions out in the country and the idea has me smitten. An outside wedding would be so ideal for us and this place was seriously adorable. We shall see!

Anticipating: The Hunger Games movie that came out today! I am going with a group of friends on Sunday night to, hopefully, avoid the crowds that will inevitably be there tonight and tomorrow. So far the reviews have been pretty good so I'm hoping that it will stay close to the book! I love Peeta!

Listening to: So many old bands. These always put a smile on my face- The Smiths, Nirvana, The Format, The Offspring, The Velvet Underground, The Pixies, Cream . So many more. I love making playlists and then just listening on shuffle. I get kind of nerdy about it. ;)

Eating: Bagel sandwiches. Almost every day for lunch. I take an everything bagel thin, toast it, smear some hummus on it, then sprinkle feta cheese and red/green bell peppers on it. So simple, so yummy.

Wishing: That I could have this adorable purse right now. Swoon. I'll take it in yellow or blush. Actually, any color will do!

If you decide to do a Currently post, let me know!

Happy Weekend

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warby Parker

I finally took the plunge and decided to try out some Warby Parker frames. I have wanted some nice glasses for some time but haven't wanted to commit to buying them since I hardly wear my glasses as it is. I have heard good things about this brand and I was also intrigued by their home try on that they offer. I went on the site and picked out 5 pairs that I liked, they send them to me, and I get to have them for 5 days. How awesome is that?
Then when I'm done, I put them back in the box, place the return sticker they gave me on the outside, and ship them back. So brilliant.
I got my box o' glasses this afternoon after my run, and I was ecstatic. So I, of course, was trying on each frame and badgering Tom about which ones looked the best. I like them all!
I decided to put the pictures on here, apologies for looking like a sweaty mess in my gym clothes and pony. My excitement got the best of me!

I can't wait to wear these to work tomorrow! I think my favorite is the first or fourth. Tom's favorite is Option 5.  I hate making decisions like this because I am sooo indecisive. Eek!
Also, apologies for such a self centered post. But sometimes it just happens.
Hope you all have a great night.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I love Alyson Hannigan!

Are there any other How I Met Your Mother fans out there!?
Seriously, on my list of favorite shows EVER.

 Tom and I have seen every episode a million times and we have been known to just watch and watch for hours on end. And how awesome that we have had people tell us that we remind them of Marshall and Lily. Sweetest compliment ever.

Alyson Hannigan has got to be the cutest. Her character Lily dresses in such a great way. I'm always drooling over her outfits. And her hair. Her hair makes me happy to be a redhead.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little update!

 Hi friends!
I have got Spring fever and I love it. All I want to do is clean, sit outside, or run. So that is exactly what I have been doing. My legs are so sore but it feels great to be active and the weather outside is PERFECT for running. This was such a lazy Winter for me and it definitely put me in a funk. But not anymore! Smell ya later, Funk! Ahh.  Spring, wanna be my best friend?

St. Patrick's Day was spent working and then grilling out with Tom. We decided to just stay home and hang out with each other, plus Oscar. It was such a perfect night for grilling and we sat around being completely silly while Oscar chased his tennis ball all over the backyard.

I have been doing so much thinking lately, about life and other randomness. It sounds strange, but being engaged has really made me contemplate my life and goals. I almost can't believe I am old enough to be getting married. I'm definitely an adult now and sometimes that freaks me out.
Don't get me wrong, I am so beyond excited to begin this next chapter in my life, but it has gotten me to really think, think, think about what I want. And I finally made the decision to go back to school. I'm starting slow, just a class or two at at time until I fully decide what my plan is. So exciting/scary/crazy to think about, but it is something I have contemplated for 4+ years and I am just going to jump in. Education is something that no one can ever take from you. And I don't want to regret never doing it while I was young and able. Eek! Anyone out there who has done the same thing or is thinking about it? I'll need all the advice I can get.

Other than that, nothing is new around here! Tom and I are going to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tonight and I am sooooo stoked! I never saw the movie when it was in theaters, but I am a huge fan of the books. Lisbeth is pretty awesome. Girl power!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Minty Green is my favorite color!

Have you noticed how popular mint green has become? It is all over everything, especially clothing. I love it. I have always had a fondness for it's springy-ness and crisp-ness. Such a handsome little color. So imagine my excitement when I found this little gem of a blouse recently. A peter pan collar, mint green, AND polka dots?! Is this what dreams are made of?
I think this is the perfect St.Patty's Day shirt..





Outfit Details
Blouse- Forever 21
Skirt- Mocloth
Belt and Sandals- Target

This is the first time in a looong time that I have taken an outfit picture in my backyard. It used to be my old standby before I decided I wanted to liven up my pictures. Ah, memories. 

Have a very happy St. Patrick's Day!

xoxo Katie

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My mini wine trip!

I have been a little absent as of late, but I have a reason! I took a small three day trip with some friends/clients to a bunch of wineries around Iowa and Wisconsin. I am home and all wined out!

The trip was a ton of fun and it was nice to have a little girls time together. We stayed at The Steamboat House Bed and Breakfast in Galena, IL which is the cutest little place EVER! This is the second time I have stayed there and I completely adore the owners and their dogs. Plus, they make the best breakfast I have ever had!

We did lots of shopping, ate copious amounts of cheese at all the cheese markets in Wisconsin, drank wine by the fireplace, and stayed up late playing truth or dare out on the porch. PS it was so nice out! High 70's all three days-how nuts!

I hope you are all having a fantastic March! It is going by so quickly and it is so hard to believe that St. Patrick's Day is this weekend. Are any of you getting decked out in green and celebrating?

Happy Thursday!
xoxo Katie

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Shennanigans

 Hello all my dearies! How was your weekend?

Mine was spent working my little behind off! Still trying to catch up from vacation!

Last night I did venture out and went with a group of friends to a hockey game. I love our local team, The Mallards, and the games are always a ton of fun. I've been going since I was in elementary school so it is always a little nostalgic.

Today it is in the high 60's so I am trying to be outside as much a possible. I think I will curl up with a cup of tea and read my book. Have any of you read The Discovery of Withches? I just started it and I'm really enjoying it so far. Yay for reading!

Oh yeah! Have you guys heard of this weird broom thing? Supposedly if you stand a broom up at the right point in your house, the broom will stand on its own due to some solar storm going on?
We tried it at work and the brooms really did stand..I just can't decide if it's a hoax..have you guys tried this? Super strange!

Enjoy your day!
xo katie