Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A day off with Oscar

Today was a rainy, dreary day. The wind and cold made themselves present as soon as I opened my eyes.  My dark, warm living room was calling me right when I woke up. And today being my day off, I was more than happy to have no plans for the day. So I spent the majority of today lounging around with my little Oscar. We took a few breaks, one included a trip to Starbucks (Oscar got a puppy latte!). One included a trip to get a pedicure. But it was really one of those days when I had absolutely no desire to leave my warm house. All in all, I'd say today was almost perfect. It's nice being completely lazy every once in a while. Ever have one of those days?



  1. Katie... Yes, I love those days! Yours looked very very comfy and lovely! Yesterday I took a half day and just watched movies and laid around. It made getting up this morning so much easier! Xoxo

  2. Eeeeveryone has them, and i kind of think we deserve them once in a while! I was lucky this week as i have had two days off together which was so much better, better not get too used to it!!! So i was very lazy yesterday as it was dull and horrid!! But i bought new Elle and Red and curled up with some tea and a blanket on the sofa and re-watched Made in Chelsea (dont judge!!).

    Today i got up early and had some crumpets and jam and went to the park on my bike. Now i am going to do some blogging and make a cottage pie for me and the mr!!! xxx

  3. I always spoil my two pups on my off day.

    Your pup, by the way, has great taste in coffee ;)


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