Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Sorry for the unintended absence here as of late. I had a ginormous, awful, cold from hell and I was on my death bed. SO much fun. Not really. But I am feeling much, much better and I am back and blogging.

Not much else to report, folks! Work, work work. And I signed up for classes. Eee!

Tom and I are still chugging along with the wedding planning. We're still trying to decide where we should have the wedding/reception, but there really aren't very many good venues in our area. I am going for something vintage-old fashioned, and unfortunately the places in the area that are old are also super small and will only hold around 100 people.
Buuuut I think that I found the dress I want to wear for the wedding! I tried on my mother's wedding dress, which also happened to be my grandmother's wedding dress, which was hand made for her at a boutique in London 53 years ago. It fit me very well and if my grandmother can fix it up a little bit, I'll be wearing that for our ceremony. How cool! Then I plan on getting a fun little dress for the reception. That's all in that department!

Oh, I went and saw The Hunger Games opening night with a few of my girl friends. I loved it! I thought that it was nicely done and followed the book pretty closely. I loved Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, dude how pretty is she?! And Josh Hutcherson is such a good pick for Peeta! I love Peeta!
My only complaints: I hated the shaky camera. At some points I had to look away for fear that I might go cross eyed. And I wish they could have developed the character's relationships a little bit more, but I know that with time restraints and everything that is what is usually cut. But I really did enjoy it and I can't wait for the next two movies!

Some pictures from my phone!

Okay, I'm off to enjoy lunch and a pedicure with my cute little Mama. Have a lovely day!


  1. oh em geeeee to wedding planning... posted myself about where I am in the happs with planning :/ I can't believe you are sooo lucky to have a dress handed down... made in London odd years ago?! geeeeze sounds super duper vintage and gorg! Can't wait til the big day so we can see all your pics :)

  2. oh my goodness, glad you are feeling better! i love love love the idea of you wearing your mother and grandmother's dress! i absolutely cannot wait to see pictures of how STUNNING you will look :) as for the hunger games, i wanted more, but loved what i saw, too! um when will catching fire be out?!

  3. what are you studying? excuse me if i'm being too nosy! can't wait to see pictures of that dress!


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