Thursday, April 26, 2012

Worst Blogger?

It has been over a week since my last post. What the H happened?
I used to blog every day with ease and now I find it hard to blog every other day?!
I hate that I have totally slacked off in this department and I am truly sorry that I've been such a flake!
I guess I have been lacking inspiration and creativity the past couple of weeks and it has made it difficult to post when I was struggling with that. I sat down and really thought long and hard about my little blog and I was remembering back to when I first started Kate Did It, how much I loved posting every little thing that popped into my head. It left me feeling very sad that I let that joy slip away. I love this blog and I am going to continue to do so! I think everyone who blogs goes through a few rough patches. A few bad weeks. I had mine and I am so glad it's over.
I'm back ladies and gentlemen.
Thanks for being the awesome followers you are and sticking with me through this. I love each and every one of you and I love seeing comments from you! It seriously warms my heart to see you take time out of your day to pop over and say hello. Prepare to see me lurking on all of your blogs in the next couple of days because I have greatly missed seeing what everyone is up to!

I'll be back with an outfit tomorrow.



  1. glad you are back we all have those days!!!

  2. Sometimes you do just get a block….just like other times you think of too many things and don't have the time to get round to all of them!!!!xxxx


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