Thursday, April 12, 2012

Being Busy

Another huge blogging vacation. I promise I don't keep doing this on purpose. I have had so much going on. It's been a little nutty around here.
Tom has been sick. I was sick again. Wedding planning is super stressful. Work has been super busy. Running keeps me busy when I get off. Then I eat and go to sleep and then wake up and do the same thing. Exciting, huh? Haha. No it's fine, just a lot to do sometimes. Then on top of that, one of my very best friends just found out she has fluid and a mass on her brain. It's not cancerous but she has to get some more tests done to see what the next step is. So scary to think about one of my favorite people going through such an ordeal, especially when her wedding is in 6 months. Keep her in your thoughts!

OH, I got to see Bush! They came to town with a few other bands (that I don't like) so Tom and I bought tickets, went and saw Bush, and then left. It was actually an awesome time and I love when the two of us can go and do fun stuff like that. Bush was amazing. Gavin Rossdale was amazing. I got to touch his shoulder and hair when he walked through my section. Swoon.

I will definitely be back this next week with my regular posting. Just need this weekend to get caught up on everything. Thanks for being loyal and amazing- you guys keep me smiling!


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  1. when did life become so crazy?! i can definitely relate, girlfriend. keeping your friend in my thoughts! enjoy your weekend!!


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