Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of 2011 (image heavy)

Hey everyone!
Today I am going to share some pictures from the past year. I didn't really start blogging until August, so here are some of my favorite moments you might have missed! Enjoy!


In January, I attended my work Christmas party! The theme was 20's, and we all had so much fun dressing up and dancing to the jazz band that came and played.


In February, I went to Iowa city to celebrate a friend's birthday. We all took a party bus up there, and it was definitely interesting. haha. I had just blown my eardrum out the day before, but was talked into going by my friends. Not a good choice. Iowa City is about an hour away from Moline, and that trek was a long one to take on a party bus, with loud music blaring. I survived though!


In March, I got new glasses. And I also got my first Iphone! I also started taking more self shots, apparently..haha. This was when I started growing my bangs out. They ended up reaching my chin before I gave in and chopped them.


In April, I got another pair of new glasses. Shown above.
Juuust kidding. I still wore the glasses shown below.


 In May, the Titanic exhibit came to town! I am a huge fan of all things Titanic. I grew up watching the movie and swooning over Leo. That dang movie still makes me cry to this day, and I have seen it probably 100 times. Dangit. We also took a road trip to Ikea, Tom's first time there! He didn't find it as enchanting as I do, but fun was still had!


In June, we threw a farewell party for a co-worker who moved to Alaska. So sad! I can't wait to see her in January when she visits! I also colored my hair a more dramatic shade of Ombre, and continued to grow those bangs out! I took a week off and went to North Carolina, too! I went with a close friend, and we visited all the places where Dawson's Creek was filmed. Yep, I'm that girl. It really was the best trip ever! Wilmington will always be one of my favorite places on Earth!


 In July it was my birthday! I celebrated with my family (my sweet little Granny is pictured above), and I was surprised at work with a Harry Potter cake. They know me too well! I also colored my blonde hair a darker shade, which was a huge, HUGE step for me. I have had my blonde hair for years and years and yearssss! But, it was a good change and I still don't regret it! Then I went with a couple of my best friends to see the final Harry Potter film at midnight, where I cried my eyes out for the last hour. Such a sad ending!


In August, I went red for the first time, and added some bangs! I also started blogging, and taking outfit pictures. We traveled to Chicago to see Incubus, too! This was my second time seeing them, the last time being when I was a sophomore in high school. Brandon Boyd has such an amazing voice! Then, Tom and I went to the World Series of Drag Racing, in Cordova. We camped out all weekend, and had too much fun. That trip is always my favorite time of the summer. This year marked my 7th summer going with his family. Aw.


September was spent going to a million birthday parties, and weddings. We also spent a whole weekend painting and completely redoing our living room. I also went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, which was the cutest little place ever!


October brought with it some gorgeous weather and leaves. We went to the pumpkin patch, and dressed up for our annual Halloween party. Best month of the year!


In November, I bought my favorite tights! I also attended a New Found Glory show in Iowa City, which was super awesome. My hair colored changed yet again, to a brighter shade of red. And I ended the month spending time with my family for Thanksgiving.


In December, I ordered some pretty dresses from Red Velvet! One of which is shown here!
I also took a hilarious Christmas picture of my little family! Oscar looks so cute! It snowed for the first time this month, which is pretty odd, and I bundled up in my favorite Modcloth scarf. The She & Him Christmas album was pretty much the only album I listened to this month. I also wore my hair in an adorable hair bow, and went and sang karaoke with some of my best girl friends! And I colored my hair AGAIN, this time I went for a bright, bright copper. Yikes my hair went through a lot this year!

Did you make it through? Are you so sick of my life yet?
Next, I am going to post a recap of my favorite outfits of the year! Stay tuned!!



  1. this is such a great idea! i love your hair ombre, but the red is gorgeous, too :) cannot wait for the outfit post!!

  2. You look exactly like Jenny Lewis with red hair and thick bangs I just realized. Looks like a fun year, I especially love the Dawsons Creek mural!


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