Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Top Ten- Christmas Edition!

Today's Top Ten will be featuring my favorite movies to watch around the holidays.

10. Edward Scissorhands

Sure, this isn't exactly a "Christmas" movie, but it does feature an old Winona Ryder explaining to her grandchildren why it snows on Christmas. So I think it counts. I love this movie, even though it makes me feel so bad for poor Edward. I always end up feeling super sad! I mean, he makes it snow every Christmas, in California, just for her. Bring on the tears.

9. The Grinch

This is such a classic. It reminds me of being young and singing along to all the songs. That little Cindy Lou Who is the cutest! I hope my children look just like that little cutie!

8. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Another awesome classic. I think it is a tradition for families all across the world to watch this movie around Christmas. So many hilarious moments, that are even funny after seeing the movie over 50 times.

7. The Snowman

This really is one of the sweetest little movies. We used to watch this in school when I was younger, and it captivated me from the get go. It is very short, and wordless, but it is so stinking sad! If you haven't yet, watch it! You will love it.

6.  A Christmas Story

Classic! This is probably the most watched Christmas movie in my family. For as long as I can remember, every Christmas we have watched this at my Dad's holiday get together. It has always been on in the background of our eating and gift opening. I remember always being so amazed/horrified by the kid who gets his tongue stuck to the pole. Yikes!

5. All I Want for Christmas

AHH! I love this movie so much. It is so cheesy and old, but my sister and I went through a stage when we would watch this almost every day. It features a young Thora Birch, and a young (smokin) Ethan Embry, so you really can't go wrong. It's so good!

4. Elf

I had to put this on here. It rules. The burp scene kills me to this day.

3 & 2.  Home Alone 1 and 2

More classics! I used to have the biggest crush on Macaulay Culkin, and my first boyfriend Eric could have been his twin. But then he moved away and my heart was broken. He did, however, get me a set of turtle doves just like in the second movie (I know, so sappy). My mom still has my turtle dove and she puts it up on the tree every year. Ahh, young love!

1. Just Friends

This is probably on my list for one of the best movies ever, Christmas or not. My sister and I quote this movie ALL THE TIME. It is so hilarious. I'm talking, laugh out loud, pee your pants funny. Every character is perfect, and it all revolves around Christmas time! How perfect!
I'm actually about to go watch this right now.

What are your favorite holiday movies? Any of mine make the cut?



  1. I love all these movie :) but I have never heard of the last one looking it up now!

    Merry Christmas


  2. i'm partial to home alone... i know it's kinda cheesy, but it's so cute! the grinch and a christmas story are also never unwelcomed in my home :)


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