Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Have you guys seen the movie Drive yet?

Holy amazing.

Tom and I watched it last night, and I was completely blown away. Everything about it is incredibly well done: the acting, the scenery, the story, the music. Seriously.

I purchased the soundtrack to this movie months ago when I had heard from numerous people that it was good. There are so many great songs that make me feel like I am in the 80's. Actually, SO much of this movie is reminiscent of the 80's. Which I love, even though I only experienced like 3 years of that era. Oh well!

Ryan Gosling is such a babe. He's babelicious. Walking around in tight t-shirts and jean jackets..I love it when guys wear jean jackets, always have. It's my weakness. ;)

Looks aside, I actually think that this movie shows some of his best acting. Blue Valentine will always be, in my opinion, his best acting but this comes in close second. There is so much that he says, or doesn't say since he really has barely any long lines. He plays a very quiet, soft spoken, mysterious man, which he pulls off so effortlessly. So much of his acting in this movie is done with his eyes and facial expressions. Same goes for Carey Mulligan, who is fantastic in this. The two of them have such amazing chemistry and most of it is shown through the way they look at each other. And trust me when I say that he has some beautiful eyes. Haha.

And can I just say, the scene with Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in the elevator..OMG SWOON!

You should go out and buy it or rent it. You won't be disappointed. Just beware- it gets extremely gory extremely fast. And you will be humming the songs for weeks. So you should probably buy the soundtrack too. My, I'm being awful demanding.



  1. oh I am going to have to check this out looks good I love a good sound track too!


  2. I should rent it this Friday. Friday nights are our family's movie nights in.

  3. Great Film! Nice Blog...peace x


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