Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wilmington Day One

First of all, thank you for all of the lovely comments on my last post! It really warms my heart and you guys totally made my day more special! Love you all!

I took a ton of photos when we were gone and I hate to just bombard you with a million photos in one post, so I decided to break it up a bit. I'll be sharing bits and pieces of our trip, including the engagement :), for the next few days so be prepared for tons of pictures.

Consider this your warning.

Day One

The drive took forevvvvver! We were originally planning on leaving Illinois suuuper, suuuper early on Thursday morning, but Tom decided it would be better to leave Wednesday night when I got off work. So the car was all packed and ready to go when I left work that night and all we had to do was drop lil Oscar off at my sister's house. 
We were on the road by 7pm Wednesday night and arrived in Wilmington around 2pm. Not too shabby

The mountains are always my favorite part of the drive! On the route we take, you actually drive right through them on all these winding, curvy roads with tons of tunnels. Tunnels are awesome. Maybe because they remind me of The Perks of being a Wallflower.. 
But I digress.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we unpacked and immediately crashed until dinner time. We were total bums that night and just walked to get dinner at Hell's Kitchen ( awesome place), and then walked the river walk for a bit. The river walk is one of the cutest things about Wilmington. It is a huge stretch of dock that follows the river all the way through the downtown area. So extremely beautiful and peaceful. Google it!

The downtown area has this little spot of trees with cutie cute little lights on them. Whenever I walk by them I am immediately reminded of Dawson's Creek, and then I am happy. Goodness, I am such a nerd for that show.  

I'll be back tomorrow for day two! 
Night night!


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  2. I love twinkle lights in trees too! They always look so magical.

  3. this is sooo exciting... picture of your engagement trip!! WOOOOOOOOP!

    So funny you took pics of mountains on the drive. That's all I seem to do when we drive home (to Southern Cali), and I have so many pics of the same scenery LOL

    Happy Monday girlie!


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