Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wilmington Day Two

Hello there, lovelies! I'm back with another riveting chapter in our Wilmington Chronicles! What will happen next? Will those crazy kids ever get serious?  Read on to find out!
(Wow, Katie..Wow.)

We started our second day off with some great coffee and waffles at a local diner. Then, I just had to walk along that darn river walk again, so we perused the river/boats/scenery for the morning. And we saw dolphins in the river swimming! Lil cuties..

After all of our walking and talking and dolphin watching, we decided to go to the beach. Wrightsville Beach is only a 15-20 minute drive from Wilmington, and it's so pretty there. This was only Tom's second time seeing the ocean, so it was extra special.

We went and did a little shopping in the Wrightsville area, but due to it being the "off season" not too many places were open, like Rita's. I was sooo looking forward to Rita's. Darn this weather!

We had the yummiest little dinner at The Riverboat Landing. This restaurant was featured in the movie Dream a Little Dream, one of my favorite films as a kid. It is much more fun to eat there when it's warm because they have these little balconies you can eat on that overlook the river. Pretty romantic, huh?

Tom and I are in the process of cleaning our room and putting our new headboard together. I snuck down here to blog and I can hear him yelling my name. Oops. Better go!


  1. oh my goodness! cannot wait for the third (and final?!) installment! you sure know how to keep a girl on the edge of her seat :) p.s. i love the outfits you took on your trip!!!

  2. wow what a great trip! I love all the pictures

  3. OK so I missed out on this Tuesday.... so I scrolled super fast while looking at the top of my computer screen to get to part TWO before reading THREE!!

    HOLY GEEZE!!!! You have an awesomeness surrounding of serenity to blog THERE!! I would have heard absolutely NOTHING if my name was being called... how adorable is that!!

    And HI-low!! Tom's second time at the ocean? Was he like a kid in a candy store or whaaaaa?!?!

    ANDDD my heart is fluttering for you (if that's possible) only b/c I see the pics and think of how nervous Tom must be b/c all these moments are the build up.. makes me smile ;)

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