Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here we go..!

Next stop..North Carolina!

Tom and I are leaving tonight after I get off work! I am soooo beyond excited, but you probably guessed that already.


We are going to drive through the night and we should, hopefully, arrive in Wilmington around 3 pm or so. I have been checking the weather non stop and it looks like we should have fairly decent temperatures. Not warm enough for swimming like the last time I was there, but warmer than here!
I just hope we don't run into snow on the way back.
I had the hardest time packing last night! It is so hard for me to plan my outfits ahead since I usually try a million different items of clothing on before making up my mind. So I basically just grabbed everything I thought I MIGHT want to wear. Tom hates it when I over pack, but I can't help it! Then I had to have a whole other suitcase just for shoes and belts...I'm difficult.  :)

So adios, my dear blogging friends! I will be back in a week!

Keep checking back here because I have some GREAT ladies filling in for me while I am gone! They will take great care of you!
Thank you to all that contributed guest posts! You guys are the best and I appreciate it so much!



  1. Have fun I love North Carolina its a beautiful state you are going to be about 5 hours from where I live

  2. Hope y'all had fun! I'm sure it was A-maaaaazing!
    Also, I gave ya a little shout out of my "Cute Blog Award" Post:
    Cue: Awkward MC Hammer dance moves to celebrate :)


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