Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bows and Trees

Hello :)

Outfit Details
What's The Peter Plan Top - Modcloth
Striped Belt- Urban Outfitters
Red Skirt- Thrifted
T-Strap Heels- Urban Outfitters
Flower Headband- Forever 21

It is super rainy and icky here in Illinois today. All I want to do is curl up with my coffee and cuddle with Oscar all day. But alas, I have other commitments.

At our salon we usually make a mini-magazine every season or so, showcasing different colors or cuts and usually featuring clothing from a store around the area. It is nice to give our clients something different to look at and to also give them some inspiration.

So today we will be shooting our next magazine. And it will probably take all day. But no complaints here because my sister is my model this time around. Yay. I get to hang out with her all day and make some pretty hair.
PS- I was in the last magazine we did. Yikes.

hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday!



  1. Cute outfit! Love the colours. And the magazine sounds fun (more fun than what I'm doing tomorrow). Did you get my msg re: button swap? I have to admit I've been super bad with responding to comments in the last week as work has been mental, but hope to catch up at the weekend ...
    Take care,
    Kelly xo

  2. So cute! Love the little bow tie! :)

  3. lovely outfit!!! I hope you had fun with the magazine shoot :)


  4. Wow you look so different with the blond hair! Sounds like a fun day at work, at least. I love the outfit, I was eyeing that shirt at Modcloth...

  5. Thanks guys!!

    Lisa- Get the shirt! It is so comfy and I was debating on buying it for some time! So glad I got it!

  6. I absolutely love your outfit. I would like to have more peter pan collars as well! :)



  7. Oh my gosh, I really love your outfit! And the curls in your hair are just perfect! You're beautiful(:


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