Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekly Wears - Boots and Bridges

Hello darling readers! This outfit post is long overdue..I got a little busy over the holiday weekend and the time just slipped away from me. So today, Tom and I went down to the river to take a couple snapshots.

Sometimes the best outfits come from items that I have completely forgotten about. I have had this dress for years and years, and it was hiding in the back of my closet. Same with the boots. When I found these boots on my shelf, I squealed with delight- they used to be my all time favorite shoes! I even bought two pairs of them just in case!

outfit details
Coat- Urban Outfitters
Dress- Urban Outfitters ( super old!)
Plum Tights- Gap
Fringe Boots- Target
Elephant Necklace- Forever 21

This winter I am going to be making soup. Sooo much creamy, yummy soup. We are beginning to have colder days around here, and soup sounds the best. Soup, soup, soup. Mmmm.
I have been struggling with dinner making lately. I need some variety because I feel like we eat the same things week by week! Cooking has never been my strong tomorrow I am going to go through my trusty cookbook and dig out some warm and delicious meals for Tom and I.

And Oscar.

Off to a work meeting I go!



  1. is that an elephant necklace? how charming! i also love those boots. (+ i hear ya on the soup!)


  2. love those boots so much :) it is very much soup weather!!! Share if you come up with some good recipes

  3. Chantilly- Why, yes it is! I love elephants!

    Carrie- I will definitely post some recipes if I find anything super yummy!

  4. Those boots are magical. I love them! Great "back of the closet" find.

  5. So gorgeous! <3 I love love love the colour of your dress, and your boots are truly amazing!

    Lost in the Haze


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