Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Round-up

Happy Monday!

It's been very busy at work! From now until Christmas we will probably be pretty swamped. Good thing I love it!

And one of my co-workers asked me to do her hair for her wedding in January. So that was very exciting :)

I also had a chance to hang out with some old high school friends, and it was just splendid. My friend Damon was celebrating his birthday and rounded up a huge group of my friends from high school to go on a party bus all around town. Talk about crazy. Haha. It was nice to see everyone and all spend time together as a whole group. I can't remember the last time we were all in the same place!

Then yesterday Tom and I did a TON of yard work. So much raking and trimming and pulling. I was so tired after we were done, I took a huge nap..which I never do. I'm like the only person alive who can't take naps. My body just doesn't want to stop going. And then I stayed up too late. Curses on that nap!


practicing her hairstyle for her wedding day!

her real hair is only at the top of the shoulder, so I added in extensions.

cutest little glass
no shave November!

yikes. party bus.

have any of you checked out stylemint? I just got my first t-shirt today!



  1. looks like your weekend was a blast!!! I love the hair wished you lived nearby I need some major hair work :)


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