Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Floral and Blue

Hello lovelies! Egads, it has been a while since my last outfit post! I have just been busy running around!

We took this over the weekend at a pretty little park. It is sad to look at because I know the leaves are mostly on the ground now! We have had super warm weather, but the wind has been a little strong and blown leaves all over the place. 90 percent of the trees on my street are bare now. Wah!

Outfit Details
Cardigan- Urban Outfitters
Dress- Target
Belt- Target
Tights- Target
Flats- Target
(dang, I am a Target lover)

Aren't those blue/teal tights awesome?! I love the color of them! I am such a sucker for colored tights!

Today I am going to try and get some decorating done around the house..I still can't part with my little ghost pillow. But Halloween is over and Christmas is fast approaching. How crazy that next week is Thanksgiving already?
I have also been in talks with my friend Sam about going back to Wilmington, NC later this around Feb-March. Hmm.. I am dying to go back so we shall see!!



  1. I bought that same dress from Target during the summer and I just bought those blue tights from there last week to go with it! Great minds must think alike :)

  2. Very cute dress! The blue tights really pop! :)

  3. ooo pretty! i LOVE your bright blue tights! :) xkim


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