Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Chill

It's chilly around here!

love how my little yellow bug is in the background

I have been so used to this marvelously warm weather, that I forgot it was November.

It is beginning to get colder every day, and making me more and more excited for the holidays..

I also wore this skirt in this post right here!

outfit details
Coat- American Eagle
Blouse- Francesca's Closet
Meandering in Midtown skirt- Modcloth
Belt and Knee High Socks- Target
Boots- Bitten

I cannot wait to go shopping on Black Friday! My sister and I have begun a tradition of going and getting coffee, then perusing the aisles of Target and other stores. We don't get all crazy like many others do. We just leisurely stroll around and buy a few things here and there. That day always gets me in the Christmas mood! I love buying presents for people :)

Do any of you out there venture out on the crazed Black Friday? Or have any of you made a huge hair color change and never looked back?

Have a lovely evening!


  1. its really cold here tonight your bug made me miss mine :( sold it a month ago

    I don't do black friday I sleep in

    cute boots


  2. You look absolutely beautiful! I'm a bit intimidated by Black Friday, but fingers crossed..

  3. I've NEVER gone shopping on Black Friday. This year is the first year I'm planning on going and I'm a tad nervous.

  4. Love your blouse! I've actually never braved Black Friday, but I might this year with my mom.


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