Friday, March 23, 2012


I saw this on Sometimes Sweet and thought it looked like fun! Enjoy!

Loving: So many different, random things. This weather has got me loving life. I am loving Netflix at the moment. There are a ton of great TV shows on that I love - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mad Men, Twin Peaks, Scrubs. Yes, all of these are currently being watched. I am also loving this work out routine I have going. I downloaded Couch to 5k on my Iphone and I have been quite impressed with how effective it has been. Tom even completed a workout with me and he loved it- so rare! I'm loving the fact that we have started to cook more and more meals here at home instead of just ordering out. I'm loving how friendly this weather makes everyone around me. And finally, I am loving the fact that I can wear sandals! My toes feel so free!

Thinking about: Wedding stuff. So cliche, huh. It's about time that we figure our plans out since our hopeful date is June 1st of 2013, our anniversary. Summer weddings are big in our area so we need to book everything about a year in advance. Tom and I went on our first wedding outing today, to scout out a local winery. They offer a great area for weddings/receptions out in the country and the idea has me smitten. An outside wedding would be so ideal for us and this place was seriously adorable. We shall see!

Anticipating: The Hunger Games movie that came out today! I am going with a group of friends on Sunday night to, hopefully, avoid the crowds that will inevitably be there tonight and tomorrow. So far the reviews have been pretty good so I'm hoping that it will stay close to the book! I love Peeta!

Listening to: So many old bands. These always put a smile on my face- The Smiths, Nirvana, The Format, The Offspring, The Velvet Underground, The Pixies, Cream . So many more. I love making playlists and then just listening on shuffle. I get kind of nerdy about it. ;)

Eating: Bagel sandwiches. Almost every day for lunch. I take an everything bagel thin, toast it, smear some hummus on it, then sprinkle feta cheese and red/green bell peppers on it. So simple, so yummy.

Wishing: That I could have this adorable purse right now. Swoon. I'll take it in yellow or blush. Actually, any color will do!

If you decide to do a Currently post, let me know!

Happy Weekend


  1. I love your music tastes! I just discovered The Smiths and ADORE them! Awesome!

  2. Netflix TV really is the best :) The Smiths, Pixies, and Velvet Underground are always some of my favorites, good playlists! This is a fun post idea- I might do this soon. Hope you enjoy Hunger Games- I can't wait to see it!

  3. it's good your starting to think of wedding stuff early - i had to call at midnight to get the spot i wanted for my june wedding a year ahead of time. and waiting to the last minute is awful!

    i love that marc jacobs bag - his stuff is always awesome!

    <3 katherine


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