Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fauxy Lady

Hello, friends! 
Have you ever had a day where all you though about was cutting off your hair? Wondering how you would look with a cute little bob? 
Me too.
This has been my go to hairstyle over the past year or so, whenever I am having an awful split end day. I just tuck those little frayed babies up under the rest of my hair and voila! 
( Don't mind how frizzy my hair is here. Wind blowing doesn't help my dirty hair look very smooth. Plus, I wasn't really planning on focusing on my hair when I took these! Next time I'll be prepared! )

Picnik collageeeeeee






Outfit Details
Tights- Gap
Fringe Booties- Target
Yellow Skinny Belt- Target
Toggle Coat- Urban Outiftters

 I chose to keep my bob more on the longer looking side, but shorter fauxy's can be done! Check out this picture of a very short fauxy I did two Christmas's continued all the way around my head, giving the illusion that my hair was shortie short. I even had co-workers coming up to me all night, asking if I had gotten my hair cut. So fun. 


I'm off to go cuddle on the couch with my two main men and enjoy some Mad Men. Hope your night is great!

xo Katie


  1. Such a lovely dress! love it with the yellow belt!!!

  2. Love how you made the blue tights work... you rocked em ;)

    And your hair is adorbs short too!! You wear it well. Happy Wednesday my friend!

  3. What a cute idea!!! It looks perfect with your curly hair! And I love your chevron dress + yellow belt. Adorable!

  4. Oh wow! SUCH a cute outfit and I LOVE it with your hair color. Darling!

  5. Fun! I want to try this. How did you get your hair to stay? Your chevron dress is suuuuper adorable!!

    xx Adrian

  6. so so nice! i like how skinny yellow belt pops out against chevron dress

    xo katrina

  7. Adore your style and color combinations. That dress is SO missoni!


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