Monday, March 5, 2012

Faded Glory

My first outfit post since the big trip!
My first outfit post as an engaged woman!


I was so delighted to find this amazing little sweater on my porch when we returned home from NC. I had ordered it thinking it would come before I left, but it never did. Naturally, I was worried that something would happen to it before I got home but it arrived safely. Thank goodness because it is too cute and I love it. I was also delighted to see that the lovely Katie of Skunkboy Creatures just posted some pictures of the same one.  We redheads must think alike.
But anywho-
I can't resist a good striped blouse. I also, cannot resist a peter pan collar. And to add that sheer top/back to it? Genius!





Outfit Details
Show Your True Collar Top- Modcloth
Sailor Shorts- Forever 21
Teal Tights/ Tan Flats - Target
Red Coat- American Eagle

This shirt will be worn a ton in the oncoming months. It is too fun! 
Side note: I look like a sailor on the 4th of July..

Happy Monday!
xo Katie


  1. Oh my gosh...BEST SHIRT EVER!!!! I love the peter pan collar with the sheer bit. And I don't know who can resist a good stripe, but it definitely isn't me! Love it! I like how you paired it with the blue tights too. Perfect!

    Congrats on the engagement by the way!!!

  2. Tis a lovely post, but my first thought was oof! lovely lovely tattoo!!!xxxx

  3. lovin' the bright spring colors!!!! and the red coat is uh-mazing!!!

  4. you look gorgeous!!!!! i would not have thought to wear turquoise tights with the red sweater, but it looks awesome! i have these tights, so i might have to try it :)


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