Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's talk about Jane Asher

I get so much inspiration from this woman. Such flawless style and beauty. I wish I had been a "young adult" in the 60's! And I wish I could have dated a Beatle!

These photos have totally convinced me that I need her haircut. It is basically the same as mine, but I love her "side burns" aka the hair framing her face around her bangs. You can really see this in the second and third photos. So cute!

Here's to dreaming of the 60's.

xo Katie

ps. all images came from google


  1. Those bangs and 'side burns' are perfection... almost makes me want to get straight bangs again. Just kidding those are to much up keep for this lady. I think you could totally rock this look and rock it hard. :)

  2. Has she written a book ? Would love to read her biography.

  3. Jane Asher was a jerk to Paul, no matter what the popular story is today about how "awful" he was. I was around that scene then, and she DEFINITELY was no angel herself!!


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