Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I love the Scream movies

I saw the first Scream movie at a very young age. Looking back I was probably a little too young, but my uncle was watching us ( my sister and I) and so we all watched it.

I don't remember being scared of it though. I have always had a love for all things scary and even as a child, I never got spooked. I loved it.

The original Scream was a huge hit. It was the first movie in a long string of cheesy horror movies and sequels that actually freaked people out. It was clever and referenced a ton of older movies like Psycho and Halloween. And it included rules of surviving a horror movie..brilliant.

And I love all the characters and actors in it. Especially Matthew Lillard. I love him. Except for when he drools. Which I guess is in all of his movies. Oh well!

I also loved the second and third movies. I love the cheesiness, I love the plots, I love the crazy twists at the end when you find out who the killers are.

And then Scream 4. This was just released on DVD and got a ton of hype because it has been forever since a Scream movie came out. And it was released in theaters 15 years after the original.

My friend watched this and thought it was lame and cheesy and stupid. I, however, disagree.

The movie introduces us to a whole new cast of teens being tormented by the elusive Ghostface. And it still has Sidney, Gail, and Dewy in it. Yay. Plus, it shows all the technology of the present- Iphones, web cams, Ghostface aps on Itunes, live streaming video. I know right? Brilliant.
And the twists at the end. Super awesome.

Now, I may be a bit biased because I grew up with these movies, and to me, they can do no wrong. But if you watch these and you hate them I promise I won't dislike you. Maybe. :)

This is the perfect time of year to watch these! Now go get spooked!


  1. My husband had a fit this morning over breakfast when he saw an advertisement for the Scream boxset thats being released here is Aus this week.

    I watched the first one when I was very young, also probs too young. But I loved it! I could sit there watching it and say every line. I think that Scream was one of the last 'classic' horror movies. I really enjoyed the fourth Scream, it still had the same feeling about it, but with this decades decadence. And Sydney looked hot as hell in that magenta dress in S4! And Gail is always the biggest babe!


  2. I love the Scream movies and was very excited to see the new one I really liked it!!!

  3. I feel exactly the same way about the Scream movies. I haven't had a chance to see Scream 4 yet but I'm super excited.

  4. i remember when i first saw scream... we had to turn it off when drew barrymore got stabbed in the neck. lol! i never could take horror movies... i love those stills though. they look so 90's.


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