Thursday, October 27, 2011

thursday top ten: halloween edition


Okay so today I have compiled my Top Ten Horror movies!

I am a huge fan of scary movies, and even as a kid I was never scared of them! I love the feeling of being spooked!

10. The Strangers

This is one of the first movies to give me the chills in a long time. I never saw this in theaters because I thought it looked cheesy and dumb, like most horror movies these days are. I watched it one night on a movie channel at like, 3 in the morning. I was hooked: it is so freaky and awesome. I love the masks of the killers and how they just appear in the background of a shot. Scary!

9. High Tension

 This is a great movie if you like lots of gore and violent killings..haha. It was pretty intense. It really is a good horror movie though, just don't be put off by the dubbing- it is a little poorly done. This one has got an awesome ending that you won't see coming!

8. Planet Terror

One of my favorite movies ever! It is so great and over the top. Plus, zombie movies are always so entertaining.  Rose McGowan is a total badass in this. Her character Cherry Darling ( I totally use her name for my email address!) is gorgeous and has a gun for a leg- genius! I will forever want to be her for Halloween..I'm just not quite sure how to pull it off!

7. Friday the 13th

Great old, and a tad cheesy, horror movie. It is a classic and I will always love the crazy old lady as the killer! I love the Jason movies..even Freddy vs. Jason. I have a hard time admitting that I like that movie..the shame..the shame!

6. Scream

If you read my blog then I'm sure you have already read my post on the Scream movies. If not click here!

5. American Psycho

Love, love, 1000 times love this movie! I grew up thinking Christian Bale was a total babe ( The Newsies, Little Women..hello?!) and then I randomly watched this with a group of my friends on a late Saturday night in high school. At first, I thought this was one of the most messed up movies I had ever seen. But after watching it a couple times, and getting over the initial shock, it has become one of my favorites. Just be warned. It's weird! I will forever see him as this character!

4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Such a classic! Tom dressed up as Dr. Frank-N-Furter last year for Halloween and I was Magenta!
I need to admit- I listen to this soundtrack in my car AT LEAST twice a month. The songs are amazing! I can watch this movie a million times and never tire of it. Fun fact- I have been known to cry at the end when Dr. Frank-N-Furter dies! It is so sad when Rocky is carrying him up the tower! Wah!

3. House of 1000 Corpses

Ahh. Rob Zombie. My love! This was his first time writing and directing a movie and the man pulls it off. Love the characters. Love the crazy almost fantasy design of the clothing and scenes. Love the story. Everything is amazing. Watch it!

2. The Devils Rejects

Another Rob Zombie film! Another past Halloween Costume- Tom was Capt. Spaulding (the clown) and I was Baby Firefly. This is the sequel to House of 1000 Corpses and even though it has the same main characters, the story and design are completely different. This is definitely more real life then the first. The whole movie has a definite 70's theme to it. And the story is great. The ending of this movie is the best ending ever.

1. Halloween

The movie that started it all. I truly believe that this movie paved the way for all horror movies. It was the first movie, in it's time, that scared the crap out of everyone. Michael Myers is a freaky ass character. He is completely void of all emotion and has no reason (that we know of in this movie) for any of the killings. He just stalks around and uses a huge butcher knife like a crazy freak! And I love how simple it is- no bloody, gory scenes. Plus, the clothing and styles are absolutely amazing!It is a tradition in my house to watch this movie on Halloween night. I can remember watching it when I was young, and my mother would cover my eyes at any scary/bloody parts. This movie will always remind me of the Halloween holiday.

and I have to throw this one on here because it is one of my favorite movies..

Hocus Pocus!

Definitely reminds me of my childhood! This is also a Halloween movie tradition!

I could keep going but I will keep it short. Any of you out there horror movie fans? What are your favorites?

xo katie


  1. I love me some scary movies! I was going to try and blog of my top horror films too but you did such a great job!
    Here are some of my fav. films
    1. Halloween 4 & 5
    2. Pet Sematary
    3. Dead silence

    Btw, I love Hocus Pocus! and I still think there should be a sequel, lol.

  2. I love all these just watched Strangers a couple of weeks ago loved and Halloween is my all time favorite


  3. Strangers is super scary to me b/c the setting is almost exactly like the town/house that I grew up in. But now, any scary movie featuring an old creepy house or house possession has me down right freaked for weeks. The house we just moved into was built in 1900 and has all these secret doors and passageways. So creepy!

  4. I love those movie suggestions!

    House of a 1000 corpses SO much, my favorite scary movie and my fave Rob Zombie flick too!!

    I'm also a huge Scream fan and out of all the scary movies I have been watching this month Scream 1 is the one that frightened me the most cause it could totally happen in real life.

    Just discovered your blog and I'm super happy I did!

    Virginie ♥


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