Monday, October 3, 2011

weekend recap!

Hello lovelies!

This weekend was so fun. Tom and I babysat my niece and nephew over night on Saturday. Jack is 7 and Jordan is 3. They are the cutest kiddos around and it is so much fun when we spend time together.


We watched Mars Needs Moms, ate popcorn, and had lots of cuddle time. Cute cute cuuuute!

Then on Sunday I did a little shopping and had lunch with my sister. She really is my best friend. Whenever we are together we have so many laughs..we have the exact same sense of humor.

 Today at work I colored my hair again! What is wrong with me? I have been blonde almost my whole life..and just recently I have had a wild hair up my you know what..and I am obsessed with changing it. I may be going crazy. Anyway, it is a deeper, darker red. I loved the copper, but it always just fades right I will see how this color goes..I think it will be fun to watch it fade every time I wash it.

New Hair!

Dress-Thrifted. Belt- Thrifted. Shoes- Target

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

xo. katie


  1. oh your new hair looks very nice :) and your niece and nephew look so cute, what a great weekend :)


  2. you are SO cute.. i love your blog and your style!!! :D following now!! :)

  3. I love babysitting nieces/nephews! Nothing like jacking them up on candy and handing them back over. Cute outfits too!

  4. love love love that hair color!

  5. Cute dress! Your style is awesome :)


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