Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My favorite red skirt

This outfit is from this weekend when Tom and I had a little date! I love this vintage red skirt I got from one of the local thrift stores. It's so easy to pair it with a million different tops. I went a little saucy and wore red lips too!

Top- Target. Belt- Urban Outfitters. Skirt- Vintage. Oxford Booties- Forever 21.

I love how Oscar is in the last one! What a little rascal.

ps- I added a Formspring to the blog. Just for fun.

xo katie


  1. cute vintage find! i love thrift shopping - i honestly do it on my lunch break >.<

    love your blog! hope we can be friends

  2. Wow I really love your hair, it is beautiful! And your dog haha, so cute!

  3. the last pic is the best , you look great for that colors..glamorous and enthusiastic
    romwe streetfashion blog,pay a visit?kisses

  4. Not only do you have a darling red skirt but you're little dog seems rather charming as well. :)

  5. if i had that red skirt, it would be my favorite too :) i *love* your hair, omg! reminds me of jenny lewis (i'm sure you hear that a lot...)

  6. Thank you so much for these comments you guys!
    You all rule!

  7. Chantilly- I have never heard that before! I get Zooey a lot but never Jenny Lewis! I am going to take that as a huge compliment because I love her!


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