Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Librarian Dress

It is getting harder and harder to beat the sun home to get these outfit shots.

I hate how it is getting so dark at like 7.
Sorry for the exposure in these pictures.

Here is a shot of what I wore today. I look like a rebellious librarian.

I love it. I always wanted to be a librarian. Sitting around all those old books all day. Smelling their sweet smell.

Drinking coffee out of a big mug as I rearrange the card catalog.

Telling people to "SHHH!".  Ahhh. Love it.

Do they still use card catalogs? I'm sure the computer will take that job over someday, if it hasn't already..hmm.

But I digress..

I got this lovely plaid dress at our local DAV thrift store. Same with the boots.

The blazer came from the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. AND it included all the buttons on it. Score!

Geez, my hair is dark.

xo katie


  1. I'd definitely get you to help me find a book if you were a librarian! Love the outfit!


  2. Ha. I love the way you described the outfit. Couldn't have thought of a better way myself. I love it!

  3. i am dreading it getting dark at like 5! why?! you do look cute though. i especially like those boots!

  4. I totally had a dream about card catalogues a few nights ago, so strange! I don't think they have them anymore...sadness.
    I like how you styled the dress with boots, so you look like an edgy librarian!


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