Friday, October 28, 2011

Polka Dots and Weeping Willows

I have always been amazed by Weeping Willow trees. They look so beautiful and enchanting.

An old family friend had one in their yard and I spent many an afternoon playing underneath the huge branches. So magical.

polka dot blouse- Tucker for Target
jeans- American Eagle
flats- Target
glasses- Urban Outfitters

Tomorrow after work I will be getting all dolled up and going to a Halloween party! I am so excited to see everyone's costumes! Pictures will definitely be up after!

Any of you guys going to any costume parties?

xo katie


  1. Such a cute outfit & your hair looks awesome ...
    Kelly xo

  2. i love your blouse and glasses! you look adorbs <3

  3. No Halloween party for me. Instead we are having a bbq at my house for my gramps birthday. HAVE FUN!

  4. I love the blouse! How long ago did you get it?

  5. It has been a couple years since I got it! I'm sure you could maybe find it on EBay?!

    Thanks for the awesome comments!


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