Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jeans + Cardigans

Sometimes I can't find a thing to wear. 
There are nights when I am trying to get ready, and I turn to Tom in exasperation and say "I have nothing to wear!". To which he always rolls his eyes and mutters something about me having too much to wear and hoarding clothes and blah blah. 
Today, was one of those days. So I threw on my "Ihavenothingtowear" staple- jeans and a cardigan. If I don't feel like fixing my bangs, I throw on a pair of my glasses. Why? I'm not sure. I think it makes me feel better about my forehead being all exposed. :p
(ps- I totally ordered a pair of Ray Ban eyeglasses today that are too cute for words.)

outfit details
Grey Cardigan- Target
Skeleton Tank- Hot Topic
Jeggings- American Eagle
Ballet Flats- The Gap

Maybe this is just a lazy outfit. Or maybe it is because I have an awful cold and I can't breath. But it is necessary sometimes. Of course Tom loves it when I dress like this. He always tells me that this is how I used to dress all the time when we were first dating! Now I get too dressed up!
Pish posh!
What are your lazy outfit staples?

Off to watch I Don't Know How She Does It. I love me some SJP!



  1. ha, i totally did the jeans-and-cardigan today too! meh, who cares it's not lazy. sometimes those outfits are the greatest, and they feel good too. i personally think you look cute :)

  2. katie, such a cute outfit!! jeans and cardigans are wonderful go-to items :) mine are the same + moccasins haha.

    feel better soon!

  3. I love the outfit. My "Idonthaveanythingtowear" days tend to come once a month....hmmmmm

  4. Ohmygod what is this shirt?!?! Amazing! Totally kicks butt on my lazy outfits.


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