Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh, Zooey..

Because it always comes back to Zooey, doesn't it?

these two need to just get married.

It's funny because I always have people tell me that I remind them of her. Strangers, friends, clients. All the time. I'm not sure if it is the bangs or what. But it happens at least twice a week. I laugh it off but secretly my inner Zooey fan is jumping for joy.

Oh, Zooey



  1. she is so cute! I just love her so much

  2. ahhh yes it always does come back to her! you're like a red-haired zooey!! great pics :)

    Kristen L.

  3. I love new girl! Its just so hillarious, every time i watch it i have to pause for cracking up so much and nearly choking ;D am now following your blog, please follow mine at, thanks Leah :D

  4. She really is a cutie. The red dress is my favorite.


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