Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was such a busy one! I felt like I had no time to even lay down and sleep. I'm definitely glad that today is my day off so I can catch up on everything.

I had to work Friday and Saturday and then Sunday & Monday we had class all day from 8:30 to 5.
Saturday after work I got together with a group of my close girl friends and we had a gift exchange/ girls night. There was so much laughing and fun had playing Cranium, which is my new favorite game, and we ate tons of pizza while we lounged around in our jammies. So thankful for these wonderful ladies in my life!
My friend Teresa's sweet little bulldog.
Friday Outfit

Saturday Outfit

I love my Minnetonka boots!

The class I attended was a huge how-to on French haircutting and balyage coloring. It was such an amazing experience! The teacher of the class was Candy Shaw from Atlanta, Georgia, and she has done all kind's of celebrity hair (Carrie Underwood's wedding! How awesome!) and been on television shows including What Not to Wear, and Say Yes to the Dress. The salon is called Jamison Shaw and it is recognized as one of the top salons in the world. She was brilliant. This class definitely changed my whole perspective on how to cut hair and also just life in general. Very inspiring and uplifting. My brain feels a little full right now because we learned sooo much. I can't wait to start changing the way my client's view their hair and start changing lives! Okay a little dramatic, but oh well!

The weather here is still super warm and amazing. Yesterday was in the 60's and today is just as warm. I am going to try and get a run in, and then go eat dinner with my cute little Granny! I hope everyone had a splendid weekend! Anything new and exciting in your life?

Happy Tuesday!



  1. sounds like a great weekend! I love your boots

  2. Sounds like a fun class. I would love to learn how the French cut hair.

  3. You cut hair? I did not know that. I've always wanted to be in the cosmetology field but I don;t like getting my fingers wet. Anyways, I am having a nice day off from school and I hope you also have an amazing Tuesday:)

    Mary from ♥ ♥

  4. can you balayage my hair?? also where did you get the little oxford shoes you are wearing? they are adorable!!


  5. Megan- You know I would love to color your amazing hair! And the shoes are from Modcloth!

  6. I seriously love your enthusiasm. I SO wish we lived closer because I would love for you to be my hair stylist! <3

  7. Danielle- You know I would love that! You have such pretty hair- I'm not sure if I would have anything to improve!


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