Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lengthy Update

Boy. I feel like with all of the pictures I usually update, I neglect writing about anything substantial. But then again, if I told you every detail of my daily life/routine, you would find out how boring I really am. Hah!
Nothing is very new or exciting in my life right now. My excitement these days comes from thinking about my future vacation, which is in 3 weeks, in case you were wondering. Being in Wilmington, with my lovie dovie is going to be too much fun.

Work is going well! I have been utilizing all of my French techniques and I'm pretty sure all of my clients are tres impressed (I don't speak French. There's my attempt). Actually, I am quite impressed with how easy the techniques are when applied to everyday hair. Usually I attend a class where the haircuts are all a bit wacky and avant garde, and then I have no one back home who will actually do it. But with the French cuts/styles, everything is customized to the client. So we work together and make beautiful hair.

I'm at a place now, at the salon, where I finally feel like I have some credibility. I've been there for a little over four years, but the first 2-3 years are definitely the hardest when it comes to gaining a clientele, or being able to look at a head of hair and know exactly what formula of color you want to use and why. It's nice having some of the newbies come and ask me for help on formulating or cutting. It gives me a sense of "Whew. I finally know what I'm doing".

Other than work, I've just been running around getting things done. Tom and I live in a big, old house that constantly needs to be cleaned for some reason. I think the ghosts that live here purposely make messes while we are sleeping. On my days off I am usually cleaning up, doing laundry, or (lately) playing Batman Arkham City. Great game. Oh, and cuddling with my Oscar.

Sometimes I think that my life should be more interesting. But I figure I should enjoy my calm, mellow life for now because someday I'll have kids running around, making even bigger messes than the ghosts do.

I also think I should mention how much I appreciate the comments I get from all of you! It makes my day and I don't always remember to respond, since I usually check them between clients at work, but I am totally working on it! I apologize if you have left one and I haven't said anything! But I love seeing new blogs and making new "blog" friends. :)  I will actually be doing my first giveaway right before I go on vacation, as a thank you to all of you who follow my blog!

Tonight I am going to go hang out with some of my oldest, dearest friends from high school. We are having a girls night and I can't wait to lounge around in my pajamas and eat tons of food. Then, on Sunday I am going with one of my best friends to go wedding dress shopping! Eee! I can't wait! This will be my first time as a bridesmaid at a wedding. How exciting!
I also feel slightly old. One of my best friends that I have known for 10+ years is getting married. How crazy!

Happy Saturday


  1. What a lovely update! You must be so proud to have some street Cred at work.. I love showing folks the ropes. We have a tiny apartment that always needs cleaning to (albeit, I am slightly OCD). Glad you are doing well, and I am totally jealous of your girls night, all of my close friends live in different states!

    Have great weekend lady :)

    1. Oh lovely Ryan. Thanks for putting a smile on my face! Hope your weekend was great!

  2. I seriously admire hair stylists! People are so crazy about their hair and there is so much to know with colors and cutting techniques! That must feel great to get to a point where you've built a clientele and credibility- congrats! Hope you enjoyed your girls night :)

    1. Hey Lisa!
      Yes it is totally a lot of work. And at times it is both extremely physically and mentally exhausting. But also so rewarding! Thanks for the comment my dear! Hope your weekend was fun!


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