Friday, January 6, 2012


Every year I make a mental list of things I would like to accomplish, but I usually only remember a couple as the year goes on. This year I am going to make sure I remember, by making a list of them on here! Then you can all hold me to it!

1. Eat Healthier. I know, so cliche. But it needs to be done!

2. Gym time. Yep, another. But Tom is finally sold on going to the gym with me, so I think this time it is going to work out!

3. Read more. I have so many books that I have started and never finished. I love reading but I haven't been taking the time to do so lately. If you know of any great books, let me know!

4. Disconnect. I spend a ton of my time on the computer, just surfing around. Or on my phone- Facebook, Instagram, all of my games. It has gotten way worse since I got an Iphone. I need to make sure to remember to unplug every once in a while and find some entertainment in plain old life. 

5. Save Save Save. I am not very good when it comes to money related matters. I have this problem- If I see something I want, I buy it without thinking. Otherwise if I don't, I think about it for days and days. It's creepy. So this year I would like to try and control myself and hold back the urge to buy every 10 dollar shirt I like at Target. It will be hard, but I know I will come out alive! Plus, I would love to save up to buy a new camera! A nice one! With a big, juicy lens!

6. Sloooow Doooown. This goes for everything. It's such a fast paced world and I need to make sure I stop to smell the roses every once in a while.

7. Be a better partner. Tom and I get along 80 percent of the time. And we usually don't fight, just arguments here and there about stupid things like toilet paper and socks. But every once in a while, usually around that time of the month, I can be super super bitchy and annoyed at everything. I feel bad for poor Tom because he gets the brunt of it. I hope to be able to recognize that I am in one of those moods, and I need to just calm the eff down. Haha. Such a lady problem.I also would just like to do more! Love more, listen more, appreciate more.

8. Spend more time with my family/friends. This one is a given. I love these people and I need to make as much time as I can for them!

9. Travel. I would love to visit more places this year! It has been so hard the past 4-5 years, since I have been at the salon, to take time off to travel! This year I am going to take as many little random trips as I can! Life is too short!

10. Education. This is a big one. And one that I have thrown around in my head for years. I would love to be able to take some classes. I only went to college for a year before I started going to Cosmetology school, and it has always been something that I have regretted. Not saying I hate my job, but it would be nice to have a college education. Just in case I end up changing my mind later in life, and just for a peace of mind. Education is so important and no one can ever take it away from you. I am going to force myself to accomplish this goal because I have tried so many times to make this happen, but I always get too scared! Not anymore! Brave Katie coming through!

What are some of your resolutions for the new year? Link up in the comments if you have any posted- I would love to see them!

Happy Weekend!


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