Monday, September 12, 2011


The Renegade fair was so awesome! This was my first time going and I was so impressed with how many vendors there were! Everything was so cute and creative. I loved it. I just wish it wouldn't have felt like 100 degrees in my tights.haha!

It is amazing to me how I can go to Chicago a million times, and every time I go there is something I haven't seen..This trip was the first time I had been to the Wicker Park area and I am in love! It is so darling.

We walked around the fair for a good couple hours, then we decided to go to Michigan Ave. to do a little shopping. It was a much needed trip. I was starting to feel like I had nothing to wear. :)

Free Haircuts!

Chicago finallllly has a Pinkberry! Delicious!

Today I am off to work (on my day off. ew.) for a class...then over to my mom's house for my step-dad's birthday..

Have a fantastic day!

until next time


  1. looks like a wonderful day...would love one day to get my butt to a renegade fair!

  2. Renegade looks amazing. I'm a midwest girl at heart so Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I just love it there!


  3. Oh it looks great! I'm a vendor at the first London Renegade next month, I can't wait!

  4. Awww yay! Glad you had fun in my lovely city! The Renegade Craft Fair is such a yearly staple, what a perfect time to visit.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  5. Hi! Found your blog via the INDIE conference link list. I really enjoyed the conference, and reading so many new blogs! I've been to renegade in san francisco twice, it's always such a blast! :D


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