Sunday, September 4, 2011


I love Nirvana. Love love love.

My older brother used to listen to them (he even got to see them in concert when they came to our area!)  and I discovered their music through him. I used to sit in my room and play their albums over and over again, swooning over Kurt's crazy blue eyes and messy hair.

I even wrote a persuasive essay in high school on how I thought Kurt Cobain's death was a homicide, not a suicide. There are some pretty interesting theories out there. Nerdville.

My favorite song ever ever ever, in the whole wide world, is this little gem.  I could listen to it a million times a day, and never tire of it. 
It has even been known to give me goosebumps. (again, nerdville)
I just love how you can tell he is totally giving it his all, vocally, in this song. And when he takes a breath at  4:03...OMG...goosebumps. GOOSEBUMPS!

I wonder sometimes, where he would be today had he lived. What would he be doing?
He was the inspiration for countless grunge bands. I really don't think music would have gone where it did, if it weren't for Mr. Cobain. Hmm..(swoon).

And look how stunningly beautiful his little Frances has turned out to be..

goodness she looks soooo much like him. 

okay folks. enough obsessing. 
This weekend will be a good one! We have a wedding reception to go to tonight, and then we are entering major cleaning mode and going through the whole house. I am hoping we even paint a little too! Eee!

Have a good long weekend!

until next time.


  1. Be still my heart. I too love Mr. Cobain and Nirvana and greatly appreciate this post!



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