Friday, September 30, 2011

Hug A Vegetarian Day

That's right folks! Today is Hug a Vegetarian Day! Woo! I will be expecting hugs from everyone..haha!

This weekend should be nice and laid back. I will be working today and tomorrow, and then I am off Sunday. I want to go to an apple farm! The weather is supposed to absolutely magical so I want to get out and take advantage of it!

October starts tomorrow! Hooray! I am trying to plan out some awesome posts and maybe even a giveaway since this is the best month everrr!

Yay for Halloween, leaves, apple cider, pumpkin everything, haunted houses, scary movies, cute jackets, bonfires, boots, and so much more!!

What are you looking forward to in October?

oh..and here is an outfit!


Headscarf- vintage. Sweater- Target. T-shirt- Target. Skirt- Vintage. Flats- Vintage

Have a lovely weekend, my dearies!

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  1. i wish i would have known, i would have asked for hugs form everyone!


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