Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Once upon a time..

Once upon a time

  I met a boy named Thomas. It was March 22nd, 2005. His band was playing a show in Iowa City, and I couldn't stop staring at his adorable face.

After their set, we were all sitting around listening to other bands play, and this adorable boy and I exchanged greetings.

A few days later, Tom, who had gotten my number through a mutual friend, texted me. We began a month long exchange of texts and phone calls and hour long conversations. Then we hung out in person for the first time. I knew right away that this boy was my favorite boy ever.

We became boyfriend and girlfriend on June 1st, 2005.

We bought our puppy, Oscar, in October 2005.

We also started living together a couple months later, with much concern shown from family and friends. But we just knew that we were supposed to be together..we were drawn to each other in a way we couldn't describe.

So much has happened. We have been through good and bad. Fights, tears, deaths, jobs, friends getting married, then divorced. And yet everyday I come home to him and I still get butterflies. I still miss him when I am at work all day and night. I love talking to him and cooking with him. And making lame jokes and fart noises with him.

He is the bestest.

We just celebrated our 6 year anniversary this past June. Our friends and family always ask us when we will " tie the knot". Someday. We're happy and it will happen when the time is right :)

until next time.


  1. just stumbled by your blog and i really like it! I love you guys' love story. it's not anything like a fairy tale yet still shows how much you care about each other ;) Want to follow each other (only if you like my blog of course ;))


  2. Cute story. :) Happy anniversary. :)


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