Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a Deer

I got this dress at H&M when I was in Chicago. I have been seeing different animal patterns out lately, and I found this one to be quite cute.

another pumpkin spice latte. duh.    

Sweater- Pacific Sunwear
Dress- H&M
Belt- Target
Tights- Gap
 Boots- Forever 21

I am going to try and make a pumpkin pie tonight! I have been majorly craving one..
Oh, and Titanic has been on so I have been watching that. Here is to hoping I don't cry at the end. Psh. We all know I will. I always cry at the end. Jack Dawson. Swoon.

Have a lovely evening!

until next time!


  1. love this dress, i need a pumkin spice latte asap!!


  2. cute outfit! I cry every time too

  3. That's a great dress. During my tween phase when I was obsessed with Titanic, I would watch it, but only the first VHS of the set, because I didn't want to see the sad part and that way Jack Dawson was still alive... I had problems.

  4. hahaha! I had the VHS too! But I was wayyy weird and I would mostly only watch the 2nd of the two tapes..I also had problems! That Jack Dawson though..boy oh boy..


  5. Ah I almost bought this dress the other day. Love the way you styled it!


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