Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Top Ten

Hello! So I decided to change the Top Thirteen to a Top goes!

1. I wasn't really feeling a lot of the items out for the Missoni for Target line..but this bedding is really cute!

2. Okay. These are going on the list for things I need RIGHT NOW! Jeffrey Campbell! Anyone know where I can buy these 'Someday' lace up booties? I can't seem to find them since they are older!

3. This is such a cute idea!

4. I had to throw him on here!

5. This is going to be amazing..can't wait!

6. This video is so funny. I love it when he tells her that her hair looks pretty! Awww!

7. I am so excited for this show! Yay Zooey!

8.  Great shoes!

9. Really eager to see this movie! If you haven't read the it! They are excellent!

10. Just thought I would share a random photo from when I was in Wilmington, NC! My favorite place on earth!

until next time!

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