Monday, August 29, 2011

Belated Outfit

This weekend was lovely. Camping was lovely. Except for the crazy sinus trouble that took over my head.
Not Fun.
Back to work tomorrow. I have a crazy busy day since I took the weekend off.
Still waiting for our internet to be fixed. boo.
Here are some overdue outfits that were on my camera. I am using my mom's computer so that you don't have to look at awful picture quality.

I had fun re-creating Summer Finn's look from 500 Days of Summer so tomorrow I will be re-creating another great look from a movie! I am thinking about making it a regular thing..hmm..we will see!

Tonight Tom and I are going to make a yummy dinner, and then go on a bike ride :)
The weather here is sooo nice. Perfect biking weather.
Have a great night!

Until next time.

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