Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When did everyone grow up?

Facebook is a great way for me to keep in touch with old friends from school and family members that live states away. It is nice to be able to share pictures, posts, etc. with all of these people.

Facebook is ALSO a great way to creep on people. I mean, that is really what Facebook is used for. Stalkin old friends and people you knew in high school. Haha. I am semi-kidding.

As I was scrolling through some posts the other day it occurred to me, that out of the 400 or so kids I graduated with, about 60% are married. Plus children.

I am 24 years old, so to some of you that may seem normal. To some of you that may seem too young. I don't think either. I believe that when the time is right, the time is right. Sometimes it is earlier for others. Sometimes later.

My point is this..when did we all grow up?? When did I blink and realize that I am 24 years old? I am officially not a teenager anymore. I am officially an adult.

It is my responsibility (and Tom's) to make sure that Oscar has food, that we have toilet paper (we constantly run out.oops.), to make sure the bills are paid, to make sure I show up to work on time, to make sure the gutters are cleaned out so that a leak doesn't occur (hello last winter). And we aren't even married yet. No kids. I count Oscar but hey, that's just me. Kidding. (again..kinda)

I know that 24 is still young, but I guess I just am realizing how fast time really does go. I feel like just yesterday I was graduating from high school, making silly decisions and complaining about curfews.

Live life to the fullest, my friends! Time goes by so quickly!

^me circa 2005^

And if I could say anything to my little 17 year old self it would be this: quit coloring those random chunks of your hair black! I know you think it looks cool, but you look like Cruella Deville! And stop complaining about being so young! Because one day you will be 24, I know how old that must sound to you, and your complaints will be way different.
Now I just complain about running out of toilet paper.

oh yeah.
and here's an outfit from today.

until next time!


  1. I was talking to my boyfriend last night about how my insurance will probably go down a lot in November since I will be turning 25, and then I just kind of paused. Twenty-five, when did I get so old? But it still seems so young, but 17-18 year old me really thought twenty-five was old. But then, I still feel old because most of the people I know have babies and hubbies, and some even have divorces. Before I know it, I will be 30 and then I will really feel old, right?

    I like your blog, i'm a new follower, cheers!

    also, cute outfits! I need to stop being lazy and be more stylish. :)

  2. So pretty! I love the "today" outfit. The skirt color is gorgeous!

  3. Love the color of your skirt, perfect for fall! xo

  4. Thank you so much lovely ladies!!

  5. Your outfit in this post is boss!
    And facebook is good for having a nostalgic stalk. I found that 60% of the girls I was once super close with are now single mothers.

  6. I agree. Whenever I get together with my high school friends, we always talk about new marriages and babies. And it seemed like this summer, there were a lot! I'm 21, and I'm sure that number will continue to grow in the next few years. Geez louise!


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