Monday, August 22, 2011


Wow, you guys.. The concert was ahhhhh-mazing!!

The venue was probably the best place I have ever been to see a concert. It was the Charter One Pavillion in downtown Chicago. Completely outdoors, view of the Chicago skyline. Awesome sound. I love love loved it!

The set was fantastic. They had the perfect combination of new and old songs, and Mr. Boyd has got such a beautiful voice. Major swoon-age.

Once again, these pictures are not the best because they are from my phone. But good news.. I should have a working modem tomorrow.. Woo!!

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some pictures from the birthday party on here.

Have happy dreams about Brandon Boyd's beautiful face!

Wait , that will probably just be me. Oh well!

Until next time

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  1. That is a fantastic place to see a concert! I loved that stadium when I lived there. :)


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