Thursday, August 18, 2011

My computer is buggin

Seriously. It is acting crazy! So I'm updating this on my IPad, which means I can't upload the pictures I wanted to..wah!

So I promise there will be an awesome post tomorrow..

In the meantime.. I thought I would share one my biggest girl crushes.

The always adorable Zooey Deschanel

Her hair is my favorite. And her outfits are the best.

These bangs are always on my mind. So I think tonight I am going to make it happen!

And I want these outfits!

Plus.. The girl can sing.. She & Him is one of my favorites.

Okay enough obsessing.

Sorry this is so random :)

Until next time!

PS- I totally made Quinoa again tonight.. And it was successful! Maybe I am actually figuring out how to cook a meal without burning it.. Who knew!


  1. i LOVE her. I secretly have a girl crush on her!

    Your blog is too cute - I'm following you now!

    xo Kara
    (follow me back if you'd like :D)

  2. i love zooey as well, even though it's probably not "cool." :P i just love her hair and her style. yay, girl crushes! xx

  3. ah! love her! wish I could pull off that hair.. so cute!

  4. I love her too!! :)
    I love the movie too!! :) I like to look her outfit.. so nice! :)

    Irene Wibowo


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